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Venalisa - VIP3

139.45 $  (VAT included)

Venalisa semi-permanent nail polish VIP3 offers intense shine, perfect coverage and highly pigmented color lasting up to 4 weeks.
Thanks to the high-quality brush, Venalisa semi-permanent nail polish is easy to apply, like a traditional nail polish, and is self-leveling.
It is recommended both for professional use in the salon and for manicure maintenance at home.

The Venalisa VIP3 kit contains :
60 × Venalisa semi-permanent nail polishes from the VIP3 collection [701-760] (7.5ml)
1 × Venalisa Base Coat (7.5ml)
1 × Venalisa Top Coat (7.5ml)
1 × Venalisa Matt Top Coat (7.5ml)
1 × Venalisa Tempered Top Coat (7.5ml)
1 × Venalisa Primer (7.5ml)
1 × Venalisa VIP3 palette

Shades 701-760 :

Application instructions :
1. Prepare the natural nail by degreasing, cleaning and sweeping
2. Apply a layer of Venalisa Primer and let it dry (in air) for 40-60 seconds
3. Apply a thin layer of Venalisa Base Coat and polymerize (in the lamp)
4. (If you apply Rubber base, you can also create the apex)
5. Apply Venalisa semi-permanent nail polish VIP3 in two thin layers and cure each layer under the lamp
6. Apply Venalisa Top Coat, Matt Top Coat or Tempered Top (depending on desired effect) for long lasting resistance, protection and intense shine
7. Polymerize the top layer in the lamp and enjoy your gorgeous nails!

Removal instructions :
Venalisa VIP3 semi-permanent nail polish can be removed with an electric file or Soak Off Remover.
If you want to use Soak Off Remover, soak the nails in the Remover for 10-15 minutes, then remove the semi-permanent nail polish from the nails with a metal spatula.

Collection: VIP3
Brand: Venalisa
Quantity: 7.5ml
48W LED lamp: 60-90 seconds
36W UV lamp: 120 seconds
Resistance: 3-4 weeks


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(5/5 stars)
I ordered Venalisa semi-permanent nail polish on the recommendation of a friend and I am very satisfied. They have great coverage and last for weeks! I will be back with great pleasure with new orders.
Andreea C. – 25.11.2022
(5/5 stars)
I am very satisfied with the order, it was delivered safely, the products were properly packaged and of very good quality!!! I recommend with confidence! All VIP4 shades are absolutely gorgeous!
Narcis S. – 30.09.2022
(5/5 stars)
I have ordered several products and I am very pleased with them. Venalisa nail polishes are sensational! The colors match and are pigmented. As for the delivery, everything perfect, the products properly packaged. I will definitely come back with other orders!
Cristina V. – 26.07.2022
(5/5 stars)
I love Venalisa products! The order arrived very quickly and I am satisfied with the products. The semi-permanent nail polishes from Venalisa are very pigmented and resistant. I will definitely be back with a new order. Thank you very much!
Monica Claudia C. – 18.07.2022
(5/5 stars)
I recommend with confidence! They are good quality products! I ordered most of the products from Venalisa and I am very happy with them. Now I will place an order for other products, but I highly recommend Topcoat!
Lavinia S. – 21.06.2022
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(4/5 stars)
The products arrived super well packaged, in excellent condition and very quickly. Rosalind's Dip Powder Kit is very good, very easy to use. I am happy with Topcoat and will definitely order from you again!
Renata S. – 04.12.2022
(5/5 stars)
They are very good quality products and very pigmented. The products come packaged very well, no damage or broken containers! Best quality!
Oana P. – 03.12.2022
(5/5 stars)
The products arrived super solidly packed, in excellent condition and very quickly. I am happy with Topcoat and will definitely order from you again!
Iulia N. – 01.12.2022
(5/5 stars)
The products are exactly as pictured. Good quality products and a very good price. My order arrived quickly, the products are nicely packed, I am satisfied!
Debora B. – 30.11.2022
(5/5 stars)
I am very satisfied with the products I received, and the colors are spectacular. Exactly as on the website! I highly recommend Venalisa nail polishes and I will definitely be back with a new order as soon as possible.
Denisa-Ionela P. – 19.11.2022
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