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Semi-permanent nail polish liquidations

Makear and Venalisa products are intended for professionals. In our collections you will find lovely pastels and vibrant colors that keep their shade and last on your nails for weeks. The Makear brand is internationally recognized for the durability of the gel, the colors that leave no traces, the perfectly contoured brush and the color on the lid that reflects the reality of the final shade.

Liquidations Base gels and coverage

Indispensable for semi-permanent manicure! Base Coat increases the adhesion of building bases or gel, and when applied to a properly prepared nail, it provides perfect adhesion and durable work. The Top Coat dedicated to semi-permanent nail polish, gel and acrylic offers long-lasting resistance and a luster that does not fade over time. Protects colors against yellowing and does not discolor colors (black after coating does not turn navy blue).

Liquidations Colored gels

The ideal UV paint for both advanced micropainting and simple NailArt. It is perfect for contours, shadows, shadows and ornaments. It has a dispersion layer and we recommend a Top layer over decorations.

Liquids Pigments

Liquidations Degreasing solutions

Professional nail degreasers that effectively remove all grease from the nail surface and tips. ACID or NON-ACID primers that increase the adhesion of the applied gel or semi-permanent nail polish.

Liquidations Removal solutions

Pure cosmetic acetone, of the highest quality, necessary for the removal of the semi-permanent manicure.

Liquidations Foils

The Transfer Foil is used to cover the entire surface of the nail or to create unique patterns of Nail Art. The foil remains only in the area where the special adhesive for foils was applied.

Liquidations Dies

The molds are used together with the nail stamp! Removes the transparent foil that protects the mold from scratches. Apply the stamp gel on the surface of the mold, on the desired pattern. Using a scraper, remove - in a quick motion - the excess gel from the mold. Press the stamp on the mold to copy the model then apply, with a light rolling motion, the stamp on the nail.

Clearance Tools & Accessories

Professional accessories for manicure and pedicure: files, palettes, construction templates, magnetic pencils for the Cat Eye effect, Swarovski crystals, protective pads and LED / UV lamps.

SHEMAX Vacuum Cleaner Liquidations

SHEMAX professional vacuum cleaners are guaranteed to operate non-stop for 6 years! The quality of the materials used and the special attention paid during the manufacturing process ensure a perfect collection of dust that results during the removal of gel or acrylic layers on the nails.

Liquidation Kits

The new VENALISA VIP3 collection is official in Romania! 60 new shades are waiting for you to discover them, exclusively, on www.topcoat.ro

Acryl Liquidations

Dipping Powder is an acrylic powder that does not require a UV lamp to dry and is lighter than semi-permanent nail polish or gel! Making a manicure with acrylic powder is also extremely easy and consists of 4 simple steps: apply the base, insert the nail into the powder, wipe off the excess powder with the brush, apply the powder activator, then seal.

Liquidations Decorations

Nail polishes can help you get great manicures! We deliver them individually packaged in a threaded box and you can apply them (with the help of tweezers or a bamboo stick) on the whole nail or in various models.